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Toomas Karmo: Administrative Announcement (New Living Quarters; DDO&P/Estonia Consequences)

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Administrative Announcement

The search for new living accommodations 
triggered by 
my 2006-through-2017 Richmond Hill landlord's 
2017-03-20 news that he will be selling his house
is now successfully concluded. 
On 2017-04-10  in Allencourt Plaza in Richmond Hill, 
I signed a new lease agreement, 
on appropriately inexpensive terms, 
under what I call in my private diplomatic annals
"The Treaty of Allencourt".

I hope to be at my new address until my move to Estonia, 
currently envisaged for the summer of 2018. 

If it proves necessary to mount a legal  picket of the projected, 
but socially and environmentally deleterious, 
"Observatory Hill" subdivision "Sales Centre"
after the summer of 2018
(some details can be had through
the would-be developer's Web site http://myobservatoryhill.ca/)
then I may well 
(1) travel to Estonia in 2018 as currently planned,
and later simply 
(2) make a brief or not-so-brief tourist-style visit 
to Canada on Estonian passport -
perhaps sleeping inexpensively on the carpets or the sofas of friends or allies - 
for the express purpose of picketing.  
Such a visit, duly signalled by me both to my own Foreign Ministry 
and to Canadian authorities, 
might in some small way  
help raise the international profile 
of the David Dunlap Observatory and Park conservation case.

My current thinking on picketing is as follows: 
(a) civil disobedience is in this particular environmental-conservation case to be avoided;
(b) the construction of a "Sales Centre" within the David Dunlap Observatory buildings
would constitute a grave insult to Canada's national astrophysics heritage,
and would call for a vigorous (and yet fully legal) picket;
(c) the construction of a "Sales Centre" not within the David Dunlap Observatory buildings
would constitute a less grave insult to Canada's national astrophysics heritage,
and therefore would call for a less vigorous (fully legal) picket. 
- When I write here "fully legal", I have in mind that a fully legal picket would be expected to provide prospective house purchasers with information on the community controversy, without (this is a key legal point) obstructing their access to the "Sales Centre".
I would imagine myself standing either inside the "Sales Centre" or just outside it -
if the developer happens to prove discourteously obdurate,
then under the open sky, exposed to all weathers -
courteously offering heritage-conservationist literature to anyone who wishes to have it.
If the case takes on a  small international aspect,
lightly touching the respective foreign ministries in Tallinn and Ottawa,
then it will be necessary for me to brief
not only the York Regional Police (YRP)
but also the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
One might imagine the RCMP thereupon delegating authority to YRP,
so as to minimize the costs of any required police monitoring.

Persons needing to visit me in Richmond Hill, Ontario
between now and my envisaged 2018 departure for Estonia
should ascertain my new residential address 

by querying Toomas.Karmo@gmail.com

Persons needing to send me envelopes or parcels
(for instance, any developer or politician feeling a need 
to use paper documentation in suing me, 
or in conveying some legal warning,  

or in a friendlier spirit conveying some legal advice) 

either (a) likewise e-mail Toomas.Karmo@gmail.com,
asking for my new residential address,
or (b) consider using - instead of my new residential address - 
my longstanding rented mailbox, addressing their envelopes or parcels to 
Toomas Karmo
P.O. Box 64052, 200 Bay Street
Toronto M5J 2T6

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