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DDO: adding to York Regional Police file (public hazard at projected subdivision)

[The following is a kind of emergency posting, made upon my noticing a public hazard at the envisaged 32-hectare "Observatory Hill" subdivision being carved out of the 77-hectare legacy David Dunlap Observatory and Park lands in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The posting comprises the public record, appropriately redacted for security, of my confidential communication a few minutes ago to the York Regional Police.] 

Coordinated Universal Time (= UTC = EST+5 = EDT+4): 20170415T025900Z


* Constable 920, York Regional Police
  __Sergeant Chris Palmer
  __47 Don Hillock Dr, Aurora ON L4G 0S7
  __905-830-0303 ext. 2608
    1-866-876-5423 ext. 2608


  __Project Manager for the projected
    Observatory Hill subdivision
    in the legacy David Dunlap Observatory and Park lands
    in Richmond Hill
  __general inbox for the projected
    Observatory Hill subdivision team
  __counsel for Corsica
    (_Mr Bronskill's employer)
  __the Town of Richmond Hill Councillor
    in whose Ward this problem is occurring


* Dr Toomas Karmo
  __42 Gentry Crescent, Richmond Hill ON L4C 2G9
    __but expected to be moving to a new address from 2017-04-30
  __647-267-9566 (cellular)


confidential: longstanding ddo&p ((REDACTED)) hazard 
(((REDACTED)) at  ((REDACTED))  )


1. Background

Having over the period 2007-2015 lost most of my life
savings trying in vain to save some of the trees now
felled by Corsica in its projected "Observatory Hill"
subdivision in the legacy David Dunlap Observatory and
Park (DDO&P) lands in Richmond Hill
(Bayview Ave W side, just
N of Fern Avenue and just S of Hillsview Dr;
municipally 123 Hillsview Dr, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1T3),
I continue to monitor this failing
heritage-conservation case. I write about it perhaps
every second or every third or every fourth week at (for readers outside Canada,
at  I am thereby trying
(1) to keep the public (both in Canada and abroad) informed
and (2) to maximize government transparency.

I observe construction activity at the projected
subdivision from just outside its perimeter from time to
time, taking photographs both for my private archives
(which will eventually have to go to either to the
Richmond Hill Public Library local-history room on Atkinson
Street or to the Ontario provincial archives on the York
University campus) and for possible use on my blog.

My most significant history of DDO&P consultations
with YRP involves the pro-subdivision politician Karen
Cilevitz.  Sergeant Palmer will find in his electronic
files several pieces of correspondence from me related
to Councillor Cilevitz - to take one essentially
random example, a letter whose body has a UTC timestamp
(generated by my own workstation, not by the e-mail server)
20141027T193144Z, and referring to YRP file #14-307084.

Unless YRP advises otherwise, I will assume (1) that
this present correspondence from me will, like at least
some earlier correspondence, be archived within YRP file
#14-307084, even though it does not relate to Councillor
Cilevitz; and (2) that Sergeant Palmer continues to be
an appropriate point of liaison between me and YRP.

YRP: do please feel very free to correct either or
both of these assumptions, as necessary!

2. The Current Case

In my picture-taking on 2017-03-30, I found ((REDACTED))
near the ((REDACTED)) "Observatory Hill"
((REDACTED)), a few tens of metres from

To my surprise, I found ((REDACTED)) still ((REDACTED)) on
2017-04-07, when I took fresh pictures of "Observatory

To my increased surprise, I found the ((REDACTED)) yet again
today, 2017-04-14, when I took a third round of pictures.

I consider it now necessary to write to YRP. The ((REDACTED)) 
is a safety hazard, since it tempts the public
(especially children) to ((REDACTED))
If some trespasser were to ((REDACTED)),
the ((REDACTED)) could be damaged, and additionally the trespasser
could ((REDACTED)).

I attach a photo from UTC=20170330T2038Z, filenamed

* ddo_20170330T2038Z____((REDACTED))_property_perimeter_hazard.jpg.

3. Recommendations

I recommend that this case be dealt with as follows
by all of us, so as to minimize our administrative overheads
and avoid generating inappropriate public turmoil:

  !_TKarmo to publish this present correspondence
    on his blog, but in a form so heavily redacted
    that the nature and within-DDO&P location of the hazard
    are concealed from the public
  !_Sgt Palmer's team to acknowledge receipt of this
    correspondence, in terms which are as terse
    and as politically neutral as possible
  !_Sgt Palmer's team to liaise with Corsica,
    trying to work in the first
    instance with Mr Pozzebon,
    ensuring that the hazard is eliminated
    (_elimination would involve not only ((REDACTED))
      but also ((REDACTED))
  !_the lawyer in the case (Mr David Bronskill)
    and the Town Councillor in the case (Mr Godwin Chan)
    to do nothing beyond filing this confidential correspondence
  !_TKarmo to continue monitoring the hazard
    every few days, and to report on his blog once
    the hazard is neutralized - but without, even at that
    future stage, describing the hazard in detail
    (_so no use to be made in TKarmo's future blog writeups,
      for this present police case,
      of expressions like "((REDACTED))", "((REDACTED))", 
      "((REDACTED)", "((REDACTED))",
      or "((REDACTED))")

4. Disclaimer

Although I am here acting in a way which helps Corsica,
I continue to hold that the projected "Observatory Hill"
subdivision is unethical. This letter is not to be construed
as supporting the subdivision. Ethics requires that this
subdivision project be abandoned and citizen activists
be allowed to start reforestation.

I believe that this communication, and my posting a heavily
redacted version of it to my blog, are safely with in
the scope of the "Truth Defence" (let alone of the more
generous "Fair Comment Defence") in libel law. I will
assume, therefore, that I have not strayed into a tort
of defamation, UNLESS I receive a communication to the
contrary from Mr Bronskill's team, either in the style
"Yes, presumption of tort because xyz" or in the style
"Sorry, cannot at this time give you reassurances re
absence-of-tort," by UTC=20170421T235959Z (FRI).

If Mr Bronskill does, contrary to what I expect, wish to
communicate concerns to me, he might call me in for a chat
at Goodmans LLP, at some point in the week leading up to
UTC=20170421T235959Z (FRI).  His invitation could be made
either through my phone or through my e-mail.

hoping that this does not greatly offend or upset any parties
(including Mr Pozzebon and Mr Bronskill),

Toomas Karmo

[This is the end of the current blog posting.] 

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