Monday, 24 April 2017

Administrative Announcement (Blogging Resumes 20170509T0001Z/20170509T0401Z)

The main portion of the "Starboard" arm of my U-shaped desk, as I prepare to pack things up for the current move to new living quarters here in Canada, as a first stage toward the envisaged 2018 Big Move out of the Estonian diaspora and onward to Estonia proper. - Computing is on the "Starboard" arm, and pencil-and-paper work on the glass-topped "Bow" arm (not shown here, but visible in some earlier blog postings). I hope to set up proper ham (especially straight-key radiotelegraphy) operations on the "Port" arm - here in Canada until, I imagine, some point in 2018 as VA3KMZ, and from perhaps 2019 onward from Estonia. In Estonia, I would hope, upon meeting administrative requirements, to obtain a license for operating under some appropriate Estonian callsign. Such a call is perhaps liable to fit something like the template ESrst, where r is a numeral, s is a letter, and t is a letter. (Estonian callsigns have been prefixed with ES since 1929-01-01, except that under the USSR 1940s-to-1990s occupation the prefix ES was displaced by the prefix UR.) -  Shown here on the "Starboard" arm, behind tonight's cup of English Breakfast tea, is the full tower-case of my Debian GNU/Linux workstation. On the workstation monitor is one of my four or five current desktops. Thanks to last week's system upgrade, the desktops are not now being generated  - as they unfortunately were before last week - by the antiquated Debian v 6 ("squeeze"), in the Debian Project "Stable" branch, but instead by the up-to-date Debian v 8 ("jessie"), in the Debian Project "Stable" branch. - On the monitor, anticlockwise from top right: operations clocks (green for local civil time, red for UTC); a Debian GNU/Linux /usr/bin/xterm, or "glass teletype", window into *.txt-format private research notes pertaining to some private 2015-08-22 reading on European maritime affairs; captain and crew of the contemporary polar-exploration vessel Dagmar Aaen, under the command of Mr Arved Fuchs (as discussed briefly at, and in detail at; Kristjan Raud's prewar charcoal interpretation of the edge-of-the-world narrative from the Estonian 1850s faux-traditional Kalevipoeg epic; and a Finnish maritime-security command centre. - The narrative in our epic runs thus: Kalevipoeg, as folk hero, mounts an expedition to sail to the world's edge. He and his crew  build a suitably extravagant vessel, which they name the Lennuk. (The name means "The Flying One". When aviation emerged around 1900 or 1910, Estonians for a few years spoke and wrote of an aeroplane clumsily, as an aeroplaan. Then, however, they recalled the 1850s Kalevipoeg, replacing aeroplaan with lennuk.) The Lennuk sails ever northward, encountering the searing heat of the Aurora Borealis, and eventually encountering even such things as an island with fire-belching hills. Farther and farther the vessel ventures, until at last the captain says, "Well, fine then, the world does not have an edge," and directs the crew to sail back to Estonia.) - As always with the blogger software, an enlarged view of the image can be had with a left mouse click.

Administrative Announcement

 Time pressures from my ongoing move to new living quarters
oblige me to interrupt the regular
start-of-UTC-Tuesday blogging cycle
this week 
(when there would normally be one or more uploads of fresh writing
in the interval UTC=20170425T0001Z/20170425T0401Z)
and next week
(when there would normally be one or more uploads of fresh writing
in the interval UTC=20170502T0001Z/20170502T0401Z).
I am hoping to resume
regular blogging
in the interval UTC=20170509T0001Z/20170509T0401Z.

[This is the end of the current blog posting.]

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