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PUBLIC-SERVICE POSTING: Facebook operations of Town Councillor Karen Cilevitz

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The purpose of this posting is to document Town of Richmond Hill Ward Five Councillor Karen Cilevitz's suppression of free public debate on her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/karencilevitz/, in the wake of the controversy surrounding her legal attack on a civilian (as documented by the CBC in English at http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/councillor-ward-five-1.4685963 under the headline "Richmond Hill councillor leaves threatening voicemail over name of open mic night" and in French at http://www.sympatico.ca/actualites/nouvelles/politique/des-residents-se-sentent-harceles-par-leur-conseillere-municipale-1.3856746 under the headline "Des résidents se sentent harcelés par leur conseillère municipale", and by the local broadcaster "640am", and by "Rebel Media".

The "640am" material was uploaded 2018-05-31 to YouTube by YouTube user Matt Groopie under the heading "Richmond Hill Ward 5 Councillor Karen Cilevitz threatens and berates stage 4 Cancer Patient", to a length of 0:04:44, with subsequent (surely uncensored?) commentary from various people (including me). In my present corner of the Internet, in Canada, the YouTube upload, including comments, may be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMK7xMv4OIU). As at UTC=20180610T1426, this upload had a viewcount ot 1,207.

The "Rebel Media" material was uploaded 2018-06-xx to YouTube by YouTube user Rebel Media under the heading "Ward 5 Councillor’s 'threats' to shut down musical acts baffles residents", to a length of 0:11:08, with subsequent (surely uncensored?) commentary from various people, including me. In my present corner of the Internet, in Canada, the YouTube upload, including comments, may be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBzt5jfE3zY. As at UTC=20180610T1424Z, this upload had a viewcount of 9,177.

I provide this documentation on the one hand to facilitate public debate, and on the other hand to support the Town of Richmond Hill Integrity Commissioner in any conceivable ongoing Commissioner investigation. 

The documentation forms part of my ongoing effort to illuminate the municipal, provincial, and federal Canadian heritage-conservation failure surrounding Richmond Hill's David Dunlap Observatory and Park (DDO&P). The legacy DDO&P, as created in 1935 and enlarged in the 1950s, comprised 77 hectares. A partial failure in conservation has led to the conversion of a 45-hectare DDO&P rump into a new municipal park, styled the "David Dunlap Observatory Park", with the research-and-public-outreach astrophysical role of DDO presently reduced to a mere public-outreach role. The remaining 32 hectares has become a housing development, promoted at   http://myobservatoryhill.ca/. Councillor Cilevitz has been a proponent of this unsatisfactory outcome. 

My previous involvements with Councillor Cilevitz are documented in this present blog (it is helpful to Google under such strings as Karmo blogspot DDO), and also in my two Web sites http://www.karen-vs-toomas-blog.ca/ and http://www.karen-vs-toomas-legaldocs.ca/


The controversy documented in the above-cited CBC and "640am" broadcast materials started around 2018-05-30 or 2018-05-31. On monitoring https://www.facebook.com/karencilevitz/ rather unsystematically from 2018-05-31 or so onward, I noticed a thing I have also noticed one, two, or three or so times in the past three or four years - namely, the disappearance from https://www.facebook.com/karencilevitz/ of reader comment criticizing Councillor Cilevitz, shortly after her critic does an upload. I was a little slow in documenting what I was noticing. By 2016-06-01, however, I had  embarked on a systematic process of monitoring, through the taking of screenshots on my Debian GNU/Linux workstation. I display the most pertinent of my various screenshots here.

In all cases the screenshot filename incorporates date and local civil time, in the style "YYYY-MM-DD" and "hh-mm-ss". The screenshots show not only my browser (Firefox), but additionally a clock, displaying local civil time to a precision of better than plus-minus 50 milliseconds. As is usual in blogspot publishing, each browser-view screenshot image can, if desired, be enlarged with a left mouse-click.

(A) When I began my formal monitoring, with a screenshot whose filename incorporated the chronological reference 2018-06-01 12-36-17, Facebook user Ray Litvak had uploaded a sleepyhead image, and Facebook user Donn Dixon had uploaded the communication I honestly can't believe that you are harassing people about a name that you do not own....disgusting !!!.


A screenshot whose filename incorporates the chronological reference 2018-06-01 13-48-54 shows the Facebook user Ray Litvak image retained, but the Facebook user  Donn Dixon communication deleted:

(B) On my next day of monitoring, 2018-06-02, I found the Facebook user Ray Litvak image retained, and from Facebook user Dave Clews the communication Sorry, but what a ridiculous waste of time. Hopefully no taxpayer funds were wasted on this., and from Facebook user Ray Litvak the communication Shame, and from Facebook user Dan Page the communication That was a lot of wind expelled in one sitting., and from Facebook user Gerry Hall the communication What you're not admitting is that as a city councillor, you either had no idea how the law works, or you made a threat to take legal action you knew couldn't happen. So what is it - did you REALLY think that legally only city councillors could use the term ward'? Or did you know that was crap, but were hoping they'd give in because you threatened legal action? Either way, you look incredibly petty in this matter.  You were obsessed with stopping someone calling an event the Ward 5 Jam'?! - I can't believe you didn't have better ways to spend your time.:

Later that same day, I found the Facebook user Ray Litvak image deleted, and the Facebook user Dave Clews communication retained, and the Facebook user Ray Litvak communication deleted, and from Facebook user Lori Lewis the communication No situation could ever justify the kind of message that was left. It is shameful:

Still later that same day, I found that all material critical of Councillor Cilevitz within this Facebook discussion thread had been deleted:

(C) On my next fruitful day of monitoring (the last day documented here at blogspot), 2018-06-04, at 09:07 local time, I found from Facebook user Jon Brooks the communication Whatever get over it and let people use words as they wish., and from Facebook user Buck Dallas the communication I also want to start a Ward 5 jam, who is the  contact in the original Ward 5 Jam so that I may ask permission? Please leave a message for me if you have any concerns., and from Facebook user Ryan McGarry-McNab the communication The easiest thing for people to do is to listen to the voicemail left by  the councillor and decide for themselves: http://ajournalofmusicalthings.com/a-city-councillor-is-pissed-over-an-open-mic-night-for-a-very-silly-reason/, and from Facebook user Howard Bayne the communication This is a very well-worded statement. To learn more about her TRUE character listen to the voicemail and hear for yourself.:

Later that same day, I found that within this Facebook discussion thread, all material critical of Councillor Cilevitz had been deleted. Since the deletion was performed on a business day (a Monday) at some time between 09:07 and 09:58 (in other words, in business hours), there is some (less-than-conclusive) presumption that if the deletion was indeed performed by Councillor Cilevitz, then it was performed in her office, during her office hours, with a Town computer rather than with her own personal home computer:  

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