Monday, 14 November 2016

Toomas Karmo: Moral-Uplift Images of Autumn Colours

One of the four current desktops on my trusty Debian GNU/Linux box. Anticlockwise, from top right: system clocks, synchronized with time server under Network Time Protocol, typically to a precision of plus-minus 50 milliseconds or better (in green, local civil time, which in the dark months is in my case Eastern Standard Time; in red, UTC); a maple blazing in the afternoon sun about three weeks ago, a few steps from my landlord's driveway; my landlord's chrysanthemums,  photographed  perhaps two weeks ago, and yet looking as colourful now as they did back then (surely few common perennials achieve a longer period of bloom); two  Debian GNU/Linux xterms ("glass teletypes"), displaying a pair of flat-ASCII files with information pertinent to forest conservation; and an xterm reminding me that I have so far viewed just the first four minutes, or so, of a promising YouTube documentary on UK environmental-conservation lawyer Polly Higgins. Barely visible under all these windows is some NASA-or-similar wallpaper, depicting planetary nebula M57 (still reachable in Ontario's evening skies, and impressive in even a small telescope).

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