Thursday, 2 June 2016

Lori Nix: artist's vision of an abandoned observatory

From photography-of-dioramas art, on post-apocalypse themes, by Lori Nix
(working in New York, with Web outreach at;
the artist and Toomas Karmo have no commercial connection, and do not know each other personally).
Reproduced herewith by Toomas Karmo from the artist's,
with the artist's permission very kindly granted.
Is this the future of the David Dunlap Observatory and Park (DDO&P) -
already in significant part betrayed by our municipal politicians,
with around 32 of its 77 hectares sacrificed to crass commercial interests?
- If you want to check the municipal politicians' side of this story, start with,
following the "David Dunlap Observatory" link in the left-hand-margin hot-topics list.
You will find, among other things,  a map showing
the projected lane, the projected stormwater sump, and the projected 14 streets.
And if you want to see the developer's side of this story, start with
The developer offers an e-mail newsletter. Consider signing up! As more and more people subscribe
(including, ahem, conservationists not all that interested in buying one of those 520-plus  homes),
politicians and developers become increasingly mindful of public backlash.
We want to ensure that if this odious real-estate development venture goes ahead,
the movers and shakers experience it as a costly victory.
A hollow victory here, with appropriate, deadly accurate, publicity for guilty parties
- above all for the development-company directors, in the DeGasperis and Muzzo families -
will make other Ontario developers think twice when they contemplate attacking cultural heritage.
A friend once entertained me by imagining the Ancients having a political chat: "Nice victory, Pyrrhus."

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